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Data Sheet 0109

Production Test Analysis of the VCLF

Percolation System

Urtica dioica herba Test Percolation

Analysis of a test percolation of Urtica dioica herba carried out using constant drop frequency control of the VCLF percolation apparatus set to 30gtt./min (mean deviation ± 15% calculated over entire process).

Standard reference values were provided by a quality market herbal manufacturer to be used for comparative purposes:

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Data Sheet 0209

Production Processes, Specifications and

Marketing in the Phytopharmaceutical Industry

New Production Parameters and Methods Applied Using the
VCLF Percolation System

A series of in-house analyses of the percolation process used in the production of herbal extracts have been carried out using the VCLF Percolation System developed by Asclepius Herbal Consultancy.

The VCLF system enables monitoring, optimisation and fine control of the percolation procedure, facilitating an extensive examination of the various parameters relevant to the percolation system dynamics that are applicable in the percolation process. The results of these analyses highlight some interesting aspects regards current percolation methods used within the phytopharmaceutical industry.

Based upon these analyses, this report discusses the various parameters relevant to the percolation process and proposes a revision in protocols and percolation production methods which could enhance production affectivity and establish innovative control standards which could be applied in the industrial production and marketing of herbal extracts.

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