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Ken Lunn started his professional life as an electronics engineer working with the development of industrial and production control applications for the food and chemical industries. His increasing interest in Herbal Medicine resulted in a profession change and at the age of 30, Ken graduated from the full time School of Herbal Medicine in England and gained membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists after having completed a four year education. Further to this, Ken completed a post-graduate education in Herbal Medicine and was awarded a Master of Science Degree by Wales University.


Ken moved to Denmark in 1992, and established a clinical practice in Copenhagen. Asclepius Herbal Consultancy has developed parallel to Ken's clinical practice and today the main focus of Ken's present work is as an educator and consultant for the production and development of herbal products  and production methods within the natural medicines and cosmetic branches.




Ken Lunn, MSc (Herb. Med.), MNIMH


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