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Education has played a major role in the activities of Asclepius Herbal Consultancy, where Ken Lunn, who heads the company, has been involved with the education of Medical Herbalists at both graduate and post-graduate levels as a lecturer and dissertation supervisor for many years.

Asclepius herbal Consultancy has also experience in developing specialist education packages spanning a wide variety of Herbal Medicine related subjects for private companies working within the natural medicines industry. These have included both in-house courses for company personnel and the development of marketing courses and material as part of informative PR projects.

Education projects can vary in character and we are in a position to develop an education package that suits your specific needs.

Education Packages

Course/lecture Series
Presentation Lectures
Specialist & Professional Development Courses
Specialist in-house Personnel Education
Customer Courses/Presentations
A-V Presentation Material
Course Manuals
Reference and Study Texts (text-books)
Professional Technical Documents

Education subjects

Specialist Subjects:

Health Sciences:
Differential diagnosis
Functional Anatomy

Herbal Medicines
Clinical Botanical Medicine
& Related Subjects
Phytochemistry (plant chemistry)
Pharmacognosy (plant pharmacology)
Herbal Product Application
Herbal Product Development
Pharmacy and Production Techniques

Our Education packages can be developed for both the English & Danish markets.

To see some of our presentation work then visit our 'Courses & Presentations' page where there are examples of A-V presentations which have been released for public viewing.

If you have any questions or enquiries then please don't hesitate to contact us without obligation.





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