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VCLF Percolation System Control and interface cabinet

VCLF Percolation System Control Program

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Asclepius Herbal Consultancy
Vacuum Controlled Linear Flow (VCLF) Percolation System

The optimal percolation system

From the arguments presented in the Production Methods page it is possible to describe the factors that would ultimately define the optimal percolation system.

Cylindrical Percolation Column

This would reduce the factors that result in a non-linear flow through the system.

Constant Column Head Pressure

This would promote a constant extraction medium velocity through the system and therefore reduce problems associated with turbulence and exit-valve compensation caused by constant changes in head-pressure.

Packing Density Compensation

This would allow for greater operator freedom and reduce system time-down; which can be caused by having to re-pack the percolator due to clogging.

Automatic Percolation Velocity Adjustment

This would allow for greater operator freedom, which ultimately increases productivity.

Vacuum Controlled Linear Flow Percolation System

With these factors in mind, Asclepius Herbal Consultancy has developed a percolator and percolation control system, which in our opinion approaches the optimal specifications for a percolation apparatus.

Asclepius Herbal Consultancy’s Vacuum Controlled Linear Flow (VCLF) Percolation System utilises electronic monitoring and control of the process variables in the percolation system to ease production operation and to enhance extract quality.

Automatic filling – Pre-dose monitoring of the extractive medium

Constant automatic filling under the percolation process is coupled to pre-dose (reservoir) monitoring, which automatically fills the percolation column and adjusts the control system process in the final stages of percolation.

Extraction medium head-pressure – control of head-pressure

Adjusting head-pressure under the percolation process is the key to the entire VCLF system operation enabling control of percolation column filling and percolation velocity.

Percolation velocity – laser-optic controlled monitoring

By monitoring the percolation drop frequency, the system can control the percolation velocity within a user definable output range from 1-250 drops per minute.

Packing density – Compensating for a wide variation in packing density

The control system tolerates a wide variation in the packing density by using electronically controlled compensation to control percolation velocity under varying packing density parameters.

Computer control of the entire percolation system – Run up to 4 percolation systems from one computer

Asclepius Consultancy’s VCLF percolation system reduces the amount of labour intensive operations in the production process. The control program is Microsoft Windows® based and has been developed to give a user-friendly graphical presentation of the percolation process for easy monitoring of the production process.

Furthermore, percolation run-data is logged into the computer automatically and can also be supplemented with user defined values.

w Product description
w Product ratio (1:1, 1:2 etc.)
w Alcohol strength
w Quantity
w Crude drug ID
w Production batch number
w Date
w Process time started
w Process time finished
w Post-percolation solids analysis results
w Operator





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