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Medicine of the earth for life

Asclepius Herbal Consultancies knowledge base spans areas of product development and production, product analysis, education, clinical practice and research. This places us in a unique position in being able to evaluate and develop Herbal and Aromatic Medicine projects, be they in the industrial, retail or education branches.

Applied natural product chemistry

Product Development
Production Methods Development
Product Analysis

Consultancy work

Product Research
Development of Product Information
Marketing Material and Product Viability Studies
Creating Product Monographs
Technical Translation Service


Product Evaluation
Research Evaluation
Interpretation of Biomedical Research
Integrated Medicine Research Project Evaluation
Literature Searches and Reports
Conference presentations



Furthermore, we can develop specialist courses for your company’s personnel; extending your company’s in-house specialist knowledge base, or marketing courses for your customers; enhancing your company’s professional profile.


Specialist & Professional Development Courses
Specialist in-house Personnel Education
Customer Courses/Presentations
Clinical Botanical Medicine - Herbal Medicine
Pharmacy and Production Techniques
Phytochemistry (plant chemistry)
Pharmacognosy (plant pharmacology)
Clinical Botanical Medicine
& Related Subjects






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