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Whether you’re working with product development or production process design, analysis and evaluation are considered key aspects in research and development. There is however, a third important and vital aspect in any R & D situation, and that is innovation.

Having access to a knowledge base that spans natural medicines and industrial process control, Asclepius Herbal Consultancy is in a position to offer innovative and qualified support in carrying our challenging R & D projects. It is our experience that having an external objective consultancy agency as part of an R & D team adds an element of objectivity that positively contributes to the overall project affectivity.

Asclepius Herbal Consultancy’s in-house knowledge and networking capability places us in a unique position to address a broad range of analysis and evaluation tasks, from product design and assessment to the development of specialised production processes.

Natural Medicines development

Product Evaluation
Research Evaluation
Interpretation of Biomedical Research
Comparative Market Analysis
Literature Searches and Reports

Production Process Development

Production System Design
System Automation
Specialised Process Software Development
Production Procedure Development
Process Standardisation

Here is a brief description of some of the projects where Asclepius Herbal Consultancy has worked as a consultancy partner:


Assessment of the suitability and efficiency of production processes for specific herbal products and the development of process procedures to enhance product quality.


Software development of a computer program to analyse production data and subsequently develop optimised production methodology.


Development of a computer controlled percolation system to enhance extraction efficiency in the production of herbal preparations.


Development of a specific herbal preparation formulation based upon a comprehensive literature search and subsequent formulation evaluation based upon regulative issues.


Preliminary plant design in the establishment of a production facility for herbal based natural medicines.


Publication of a report evaluating the herbal extraction methods commonly used within the natural medicines industry.






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