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Inviting the customer
into your company's world

Marketing is a vital area of importance for any company, the art and science of presenting your products and services to the customer and having them relate to your values as a producer or retailer is the key to good business.

Modern consumer awareness of natural health and cosmetic products often demands that marketing material includes a technical description of the production methods, pharmacological activities and physiological actions of the product being presented. An understanding of the information in question often requires a high degree of technical knowledge, which can present a challenge when developing promotion material aimed at a consumer market.

Meeting this challenge requires an initial expert evaluation of the relevant technical material relating to the product, with a focus upon identifying specific aspects which could be relevant to marketing. After having identified the information which could be used, the next stage is to develop themes from the collected information and then re-work the technical material in order to make it appealing to the consumer. Finally the re-worked material has to be made presentable; this can be done in many ways.

Presentation methods

Visual Aids
Graphics and visual presentations which facilitate technical understanding

Written Material
Informing and educating the customer; addressing their ‘seeking after knowledge’.

Involving the customer in the product and presenting information in a social learning environment

Handbooks & Manuals
A handbook or manual opens the possibility for conveying a relatively large amount of information, which allows for the inclusion of detailed explanations and graphic material to facilitate understanding.

Having a background in both Clinical Herbal Medicine and the Natural Medicines Industry places Asclepius herbal Consultancy in a unique position, where our many years of experience has given us an understanding of the requirements of both the industry and the consumer.





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